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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 1, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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personally, i don't get why anybody would ever wanna grow up. ow! ooh! cramp! (groans) -- captions by vitac -- tough talk over the center of a battle over the brain dead girl. >> and a few high clouds for the first you day of the year. the areas that could hit the 70s tomorrow, and if any rain chances resurface in the five-day forecast. >> a young girl is dead and new questions about pedestrian safety in san francisco. . the bitter battle over a
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brain dead girl takes a new turn of the war of words escalates over a 13-year-old girl on life support. harsh words from oakland's children's hospital where jahi mcmath will be transported. live outside children's hospital, with details on what was said, christina and the family's reaction. >> reporter: the spokesperson did have some strong words for the family, attorney for jahi mcmath. the family says they are one step closer to moving her to another facility. >> new year brings new hope for the family of jahi mcmath. >> sam singer is not so optimistic. >> we still have not heard from
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a facility or physician that would take the body of this young woman. >> singer is calling out the attorney for the family. he believes the plans to move jahi are fake. >> the family attorney is propep weighting a -- propepuating hope for the girl. they found an ambulance and a support. they still haven't secured the long-term facility. it would be different if she was an organ donor. >> they would do everything in their power to make sure she was at the best health possible. >> a judge ruled no surgeries can be performed on the teen. three doctors have declared her brain dead following tonsil surgery almost a month ago. children's hospital is keeping her on life support until january 7th. >> no amount of time, no amount of surgery and no amount of hopefully bring her back.
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we hope that family finds peace in 2014 and is able to move forward. >> singer says a miracle will never come but that won't stop jahi's family. >> jahi's the victim, and we're the victim. they're trying to make sure children's hospital is the victim. >> a new york area private investigator is launching her own investigation into oakland hospital. the family made it clear they did not hire her, but is doing this out of the goodness of her own heart. ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are investigating the first homicide involving a young boy. hours into the new year a 13-year-old boy died at highland hospital. he was walking home from a rec center at about 9:30 p.m.
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of 100 4th avenue and walnut street. police say no arrests have been made. >> a vigil early this evening in the east bay marked the death of a young mother who crossed a busy street on pasero pod ray parkway. she was holding her 3-month-old baby boy. the baby is in critical condition tonight. the 17-year-old sister was treated and released. >> i miss her and love her so much. i know she's in better hands right now. police say the driver of the truck is cooperating and alcohol does not appear to be an incident in the crash. a 6-year-old girl who police tell us was killed by someone who works as a driver for hire. those two incidents capped a
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deadly year for san francisco. new concerns are prompted about pedestrian safety. >> it is a small but heartfelt memorial, a candle for 6-year-old so if iia -- sophi sophia lu. investigators are examining surveillance video from two neighboring hotels but say the pedestrians have the right-of-way. police booked the driver on a gross vehicular manslaughter charge. >> it may have been due to inattention on the driver's side. >> he says it's the 20th pedestrian death this year, the highest number since 2007. >> a lot of it is related to more traffic, and more speeding. we're seeing a lot more unsafe driving behaviors and not
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yielding. wang was the first fatality of the day in the crosswalk of the city's crocker amazon neighborhood. that driver was booked on gross vehicular manslaughter. >> people may have been in a hurry, or not plague attention. >> greater scrutiny of the drivers for hire will be implemented. uber today released a statement involving one of its drivers, saying the vehicle was not on a trip at the time of the accident. this is how it ended, a silver sedan landed on top of a vintage 1964 mustang on grove way near western boulevard of the suspected drunk driver crossed
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railroad cars and crashed. he's facing dui charges. today's the first day of coverage under the affordable care act. one of them is 62-year-old elder care worker who has health insurance for the first time. >> it makes me feel wonderful. i'm very glad the way things have been -- have been done. >> for those whose insurance kicked in today, they have until january 6th to pay premiums. >> and without a plan eye d number, walgreens -- id pal greens says the company -- walgreenses they'll says they'll process the claim. and the one way trip for
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weekday commuters will be added by about $90 a day. and muni fair boost now cost one dollar$1 per week. and our anne rub anan says the city will see more increases in the future. >> reporter: just 15 cents0.15 more in a week, it's pretty heavy on us. >> the issue, the minimum wage went up in march to adjust for inflation. san jose now joins san francisco as know 12 of cities in
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california that have inflation-based races. scott meyers lipton who helped propose the measure says this will keep workers ahead of the curve. >> if you don't tie it to the cpi, you -- and the inflation, it will always fall behind. >> he points to san francisco as an example. their minimum wage was set in $8.50. it rises to ten$10.74 today. >> at phil's coffee they made a decision to go above and beyond the new minimum wage. >> we thought it was good for the employees to get that added money and a better feeling of coming to work every day. >> and a boost to moral helps boost business, too. >> people come into work where a better attitude, it's going to come off in the customer service and they're going to want to come back. i think it really does help the business. >> reporter: the rest of the state will close the gap a little. the minimum wage will go up from
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8 to $9 an hour starting in july. in san jose, anne ruban. and the first newborn of the year, how the significance of the moment was kind of lost on mom. people stood in long lines in colorado this morning waiting to be the first in the u.s. to buy recreational war. the first customer was a vet who has ptsd. they'll promote the sensible use of recreational marijuana. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. the 100 9th mayor of new york city, former president bill clinton presided over the public ceremony, and after he took the oath of office at his home in brooklyn. he's the first democrat to be
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elected mayor of new york. and there's word of a new delay in the rescue of passengers of an ice boundship in antarctica. >> ♪. >> the passengers have been keeping their spirits up with songs and games. the helicopter was supposed to shuttle the 52 scientists and tourists to a which i need ice breaker then barge, but sea ice is keeping that ship from them. their ship has been stuck since christmas eve. and oscar shot and killed on a platform five years ago, what his family is doing to keep his photos alive. and the sensitive information victims are now having posted on line. >> just a few high clouds moving
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out of the bay area right now. coming up, the neighborhoods that'll hit the low 70s. the coolest day of the weekend and when shower chances may resurface on the long-range weather maps. the gang's on the hunt for the first burger.
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three people are still missing after a fire in minneapolis that claimed 14 people. flames powered out of windows. injuries range from burns to the sort of trauma associated with falling or jumping from windows. six people are in critical condition, but no words of death. no word yet on what started that fire. a brentwood man is lying to police about the killing two of dogs. the contra costa say chris was
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protecting his father, 58-year-old randy chris, when he told them he shot and killed the neighbor's dogs in september because they broke into his chicken could be and killed about chickens. it's legal to kill dogs in california to protect livestock. today marks five years since the officer was shot and killed at the fruit vale bart station. rob ross delivers a message by the grant family. >> reporter: relative of those killed by violence released white doves, a symbol of peace. too many young people have died on the streets. >> to the family who have lost loved ones like i have myself, no one knows the pain, no one knows the hurt. no one knows the suffering that goes on behind each of our closed doors. >> the theme of today's memorial centered around issues of social
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justice and police's use of force. >> message is to not forget. we have children all over this country still dying at the hands of police. >> killing of oscar grant happened in the early morning of 2009 and was captured on video. grant was on the ground in police custody when the officer shot him. he claimed he meant to taz -- taz him. taze him. it's also a process that we have to go through for healing. >> and the other uncle says the past five years have been difficult for the family. >> we all feel the pain mostly on this day. >> family says it plans to hold these tributes to keep alive the memory of oscar grant here at
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the fruit vale station. rob ross, channel 2 news. james avery has died, uncle phil, to will smith's character in the popular 90s series. according to the manager, the 68-year-old actor died last fight from competitions calling open heart surgery. jada pinket smith posted the condolences on her facebook. they'll miss him greatly, she says. and hackers have hacked millions of users of snap chat. hackers set up a web site that contained the usernames and phone numbers of four and a half million snap chat users. hackers tell tech crunch warned them of the problem. one of california's most in during traditions thrilled crowds around the world today. >> happy new year! >> the 125th tournament of roses
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parade rolled down the streetings of pasadena -- streets of pasadena. thousands lined up of the 50 parade floats created from cut flowers. the floats were joined by 20 marching bands and 16 equestrian units. michigan state took a seven point lead early in the 4th quarter with a 25-yard touchdown pass by on tony lippet. they failed to contest a key 4th down. michigan state wins it. and the first day of the baby arrived just as the clock was striking midnight. parents were hoping for a new years debut. >> this is liliana noel. she has exactly your face. >> i don't know if that's a good thing. >> dad's 3rd daughter may look like him, but she's the only one
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who can claim the title of first bay area baby born in the new year. >> i was really in shock because they started yesterday morning, seven or so, i got my first phone call, come over and get the granddaughters. >> little sister came into the word just two seconds past midnight. liliana noel weighs 8 pounds 7 ounces. dad there was every step of the day at kaiser. >> i've got a lot of respect for that woman going through that pain. i know i couldn't handle myself. >> she knows how to pose. >> the now middle sister, three and a half, seems to be taking nice to her roll. no sibling rivalry. >> we knew it could be a december or january birthday and didn't know which year, what she was going to be, either, so lots of surprises. >> as for being the first baby,
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mom mel i understand a didn't realize -- melinda didn't realize it happened as everyone was hosting to 2014. >> i was just happy she was out. >> liliana's a sweetheart. their parents say they kind of wished she would arrived three seconds later because they'd get the tax deduction. things couldn't be better. happy baby and happy life. we're still waiting for the rain, but still no raindrops to talk about. it has been a wild weather pat everyone. few 70s could return to the bay area. right now on live storm tracker 2, there's the live doppler sweeps. right now window have a few high clouds, and those clouds will be moving out and into early tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping off quite a bit. already, 41 degrees in napa a on track to reach the lower 30s overnight. san jose currently 51, and san francisco in the mid-50s
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reporting 55 degrees. when will it rain again, and basically we had a few high clouds for today. there's not much of one in term it is of rain chances. next week, this model brings in the slight chance of a few showers, late monday into tuesday. here are basically fizzle the part of northern california. probably just a cloud producer and maybe at most favoring the north bay into tuesday morning. for us tonight we do have this, partly cloudy skies. hazy sunshine. san francisco downtown, just beautiful with a few high clouds out there forecast timeline for tomorrow, search clock, mid-40s on track to the mid-60s. the dry weather pattern is here to stay. overnight tomorrow morning, it will be 31. san francisco mid-40s and san jose starting out the day at 40 degrees. storm track is way out here in the pacific as high pressure strengthens for tomorrow. it will be warmer tomorrow.
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the warmest locations into the lower 70s. here's the change i was talking about. this weak system moves in and it will be a cloud producer for us but the slight chance of a few showers monday night and into tuesday morning. here's our forecast model showing you this. we have a few high clouds tomorrow and then into friday, on the increase in the southern half of the bay area. forecast highs for tomorrow, as i mentioned, lots of 60s, the warmest locations approaching the 70-degree mark. your weekend always in view. a little bit cooler for saturday and sunday. more clouds by monday. gasia. >> thank you. a dedicated people took part in a new years tradition, a plunge in the ocean beach polar club by matt honan who suggests people bring a towel, a sense of humor and the ability to swim.
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now trending at, a 23-minute for ever changed the world of transportation.
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now trending at no hang over following last night's fireworks. more than to 10,000 people joined to watch. they were launched from the water. police created a drinking ordinance in the public. and a strom her hers hers -- astronomrs astronomers say the planet has plenty of water vapor and the forecast calls for clouds today, clouds tomorrow, and more clouds over the next several days. today marks 100 years of commercial aviation. in tampa, florida, people gathered for the world's first
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airline flight. it was held to mark the launch of the world's first airline. the st. petersburg line. the first flight was 28 minutes. thank you for making ktvu your choice are for news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, remembering the life of a teen who was killed as she walked home last night. tmz is up next.
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year everybody! >> happy new year. today you have pitched various stories of this past off that have really pissed people. so, we have a lot of hate mail. give the people who pitch this story the hate mail that somebody wrote to them pitch that of the they made. o dax did something on mark zuckerberg. >> nerd swag. said he's so e thirsty kids from africa send wa


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